Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation system is widely used in various industries like. Automobile, pharmaceuticals, chemical fertilizers, power plants, pollution control, biomedical, food processing, electronic product manufacturing, and textile. With the advancement and widespread applications of electronics and computers in instrumentation and control, quality technical human resource is in high demand both in academia as well as in industries. The Institute offers four years undergraduate course in B.Tech in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

Number of approved seats : 60 students

Duration: 4 Years



Proposed Syllabus - 3rd year
Revised Syllabus - 3rd year
B.Tech Revised Syllabus - 1st year


Mr. Subhanil Maity - Head of the Department, AEIE

Mr. Subhanil Maity “At the heart of science is an essential balance between two seemingly contradictory attitudes - openness to new ideas, no matter how bizarre or counterintuitive they may be, and the most ruthless skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, old and new. This is how deep truths are winnowed from deep nonsense.” - Carl Sagan. I strive for that.

SIT introduced its first eight semester B.Tech degree program in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering in 2000 with an aim to impart quality education along with excellent infrastructural facilities to help students acquire distinct advantage in terms of technical knowledge & a true expansion of the intellect to meet the challenges in the real world. Guided by a team of dedicated Faculty members and Technical Assistants, the department has completed more than a decade rendering to the country a group of devoted engineers to the Nation and World as a whole.

The department has very well equipped laboratories rendering to the basic need of the engineering study starting from Process Control Lab with advanced PLCs and DCS; Industrial Instrumentation lab; Sensors Lab; Remote control & telemetry Lab; Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation lab, Sophisticated Project Lab to name a few. All these labs work along with the prescribed University Syllabus and also beyond, keeping in mind the Industry needs.

The department also has other parts to play in 2 distinct sub committees, viz.

a) The Magazine Committee comprising of students from all years of study guided by Faculty Members, responsible for publishing Departmental Magazine, Instrumenta, to excavate the underlying talents of the department and have an individual platform to express through their pens.

b) Co curricular Committee also consisting of students & faculty Members who are dedicated for organizing departmental Seminar, Conferences, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Group Discussions & other Placement and developmental activities.

The students actively participate in Institutional events and bring honors to the department, may it be Techfest, Sports, Cultural activities or Literature. The department also has in its collar huge alumni placed in companies like TCS, IBM, CTS, Accenture, L&T to name a few and a substantial group pursuing research in India and abroad.

In true sense of the term AEIE as Always Excellent In Everything.


Our Faculties

S.L No. Name of Employee Designation Highest Qualification Date of Joining Email ID


Our Technical Assistants

S.L No. Name of Employee Designation Highest Qualification Date of Joining Email ID
1 Ms. Sutapa Saha Lab Asst. Dip in Instrumentation Technology 01.02.08
2 Ms. Ria Basu (Parui) Sr. Tech. Asst. B. Tech (AEIE) 17.06.08
3 Mr. Kaushik Mitra JTA Dip in ECE 01.09.06
4 Ms.Srabani Bhattacharyya Lab. Asst. AMIE in ECE 12.08.10
5 Mr. Sanjay Saha Peon - 01.08.07
S.L No. Laboratories Name Laboratories Code
1. Sensors and Transducers Lab EI 492
2. Industrial Instrumentation Lab EI 591
3. Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Lab EI 691
4. Process Control Lab EI 791
5. Telemetry and Remote Control Lab EI 792
6. Microprocessor based Systems EI 502
7. Computer Lab -
8. Project Lab EI 793
9. Project Lab EI 883

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