The Central Library of SIT was established in the year 1999. In today’s high-tech learning environment the ‘Central Library’ as a learning resource is taking up increasingly more academic space and time in a life of a learner. Library is the heart of our academic institution. With the advancement of information and communication technologies library is trying its best to adapt with the technological advancement. The quality of services and user interaction in the library is rich, vibrant and stimulus as it has a healthy mix of people with varied background. A journey towards the future with a careful coordination and planning is the hallmark of this library confronting the challenges of globalization. At present the library has more than fifty five thousand volumes. The library is also rich with non-print materials like CD & DVDs, e-projects etc. To provide the flavour of national and foreign publications to the students and faculty members, the library has organized book exhibitions time to time.


The primary mission of the library is to support the educational and research programs of the institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational and research functions of the institute. In accordance with the objectives of the institute, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty and student community of the institute. The secondary mission is, to serve as a resource center for the students and faculty members of the institute.

Book Bank

In addition to the general books, Book Bank facility is also available in the library. Student can borrow ten Book Bank books in addition to four general books for lending purpose.

Digital Library

The Digital Library Archives has been started by the central library by using Greenstone Digital Library Software. It is situated in the 1st year Building within a 1500 Sq. ft. carpet area with 45 PC machines with well equipped modern facilities.

Library At A Glance

  • Year of Establishment : 1999
  • Library open : Monday - Saturday
  • Total Collection : More than 55000
  • Carpet Area (in sq. ft.): 4222.56 Sq ft + 1600 Sq ft (Book Bank Extn.)
  • Number of Staff : (a) Professional : 2 (b) Non-professional : 6
  • Library Access : Open Access & Closed Access
  • Average Number of Users visited daily : 550
  • Average Number of daily transaction: 650
  • Library Security system : Manual
  • Status of Automation : Full
  • Library Management Software : LIBSYS LSEase 5.0
  • Digital Library Software : Greenstone Digital Library Software
  • Library Classification System : DDC 23rd Edition