Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

 • Introduction

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Institute was set up in accordance with NAAC guidelines aimed at implementing and maintaining ultimate academic discipline and standard of the Institution. Currently the IQAC is chaired by the Director of the Institute and have representation from students, faculty members, senior administrative officers, management of Siliguri Institute of Technology, parents, alumni, employers and local society.  The IQAC is a significant administrative body entrusted with the responsibilities of guiding and monitoring quality assurance initiatives of the Institution. All the academic and administrative activities of the Institution are routed through the IQAC. The IQAC since its inception has coordinated activities of the Institution for which it has been entrusted.

 • Members List

Prof. (Dr.) Mithun Chakraborty, Principal, Siliguri Institute of Technology

Coordinator, IQAC
Dr. Debajyoti Misra, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, SIT
Mr. Bhaskar Roy, Vice-President, Techno India Group
Senior Administrative Officers
Mr. J. Guha, Administrator, SIT
Mr. Rajeeb Chhetri, Coordinator, SFU-NSS, SIT
Mr. Pinaki Sarkar, Librarian, SIT
Mr. Arup Das, Controller of Examinations, SIT
Mr. Sudeep Das, Training & Placement Officer, SIT
Mr. Plabon Roy, Senior Project Manager, SIT
Mr. Kallol Dutta, Accounts Officer, SIT
Members of Faculty
Ms. Santana Guha, Assistant Professor, MBA Department
Dr. Manas Saha, Associate Professor, ECE Department
Mr. Rupam Dutta, Assistant Professor, CE Department
Dr.Debasmriti Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, DESH Department
Mr. Anupam Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, CSE Department
Ms. Tumpa Banerjee, Assistant Professor, MCA Department
Mr. Prasanta Kr. Roy, Assistant Professor, CSE Department
Mr. Supratim Sarkar, Assistant Professor, BHHA Department
Mr. Sudeep Das, Officer - Training & Placement
Mr. Apurba Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, HMCT Department
Mr. Jayanta Bhusan Basu, Assistant Professor, EE Department
Dr. Sirshendu Sekhar Ghosh, Assistant Professor, CSE Department
Dr. Sudip Kr. Ghosh, Assistant Professor, ECE Department
Dr. Uddalak Mitra, Assistant Professor, MCA Department
Nominee From
Local Society
Mr. Milan Sarkar, Senior Advocate, Siliguri
Mr. Jayanta Hom, Associate Director, Areteans
Ms. Aarti Chhetri, HR Executive, Pantaloon
Mr. Alok Kumar Saha, Father of Anwesha Saha (4th Year ECE)
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Father of Mr. Saurav Tiwari (2nd Year MBA)
Mr. Atul Krishna Gupta, 3rd Year IT Department
Ms. Nidhi Bharti, 2nd Year MBA Department
Ms. Debanjali Mitra
 • Primary functions and activities of IQAC
1. To monitor the academic activities as well as the R and D activities of the Institute with the objective to upgrade and raise the quality of education in the Institution.
2. Take necessary initiative for smooth conduction of Internals/ Lab Examinations/ Training of Students.
3. To conduct Academic Audit for upgradation of academics every semester.
4. Analysis of semester results and recommendation of appropriate measure as per the requirement for upgradation.
5. To arrange remedial/special/ doubt clearing classes as per the requirement.
6. Take necessary initiatives for Affiliation /Approval/Accreditation of programs from the concerned authorities.
7. To prepare the Academic Schedule, Academic Calendar keeping parity with the University Course Curriculum.
8. To prepare future plans for academic upgradation, qualification upgradation, research promotion, consultancy and Faculty Development.
9. To guide the examination committee for smooth conduction of University Semester Examinations.
10. Preparation, proper planning for admission and extending necessary support and guidance to the Admission Committee.
11. Proper monitoring of any other student matters like Examination Form Fill up, Registration.
12. Collection and analysis of feedback from various stakeholders.
13. Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report.
14. Conduct of Student Satisfaction Survey.

 • Activities

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