Academic Activities

Academic Activities
Siliguri Institute of Technology
  1. Two days program on National Science Day 2020 on “Women in Science” from 28/02/2020-29/02/2020

  2. Webinar on “Preparing for Professional life after campus in a Covid 19 world” on 10/06/2020

  3. Webinar on “Post Covid 19 Marketing Scenario” on 08/05/2020

  4. One day Seminar on “Recent Advances in Science and Humanities” on 07/09/2019

  5. One Day Seminar on “Foundation Engineering” on 26/08/2019

  6. 1st International Conference on “Innovation in Modern Science and Technology (ICIMSAT-2019)” from 20/09/2019-21/09/2019

  7. Webinar on “Regional Seminar on Commodity Derivatives “by SEBI & MCX in collaboration with Siliguri Institute of Technology on 12/10/2020

  8. One day seminar on “National Science Day 2019” on 28/02/2019

  9. Two days’ Workshop on AutoCAD from 15/02/2019-16/02/2019

  10. Five days’ Workshop on “OOP with C++/JAVA” from 11/03/2019 -15/03/2019

  11. One day symposium on "International Financial Reporting Standards" on 16/02/2019

  12. One day symposium of "Supply Chain Management & Logistics” on 25/02/2019

  13. Two days’ workshop on "Data analysis using Python" from 28/09/2018-29/09/2018

  14. Two Days Seminar on “Cryptography & Network Security” from 13/08/2018-14/08/2018

  15. Two days National seminar on “Recent Trends and Technology in Industry (RTTI 2018)” from 16/11/2018-17/11/2018

  16. Two Days National Seminar on “Application of Modern Control System in Electrical & Electronics Engineering” from 6th – 7th August 2018

  17. One Day Seminar on “Smart Grid Technology & Integration of Renewable Energy Sources” on 21/04/2018

  18. Two Day Seminar of “Post Celebration of National Science Day, 2018” from 09/03/2018-10/03/2018

  19. One Day Seminar on “Challenges in transportation Engineering (CiTE’18)” on 26/04/2018

  20. Two Days Workshop on “Image Processing & Pattern Recognition”, from 27/04/2018– 28/04/2018

  21. Two Days Workshop on “Internet of Things (IoT)” from 03/02/2018– 04/02/2018

  22. Three Days Workshop on “MATALB Simulink with Raspberry Pi”, from 04/04/2018-06/04/2018

  23. Two Days Workshop on “DSP System Design” from 02/11/2017– 03/11/2017

  24. One Day Seminar on “Machine Learning” on 08/03/2018

  25. One day seminar on “Emerging Trends of Mobile Communication (ETMC-2017)” in association with BSNL on 14/09/2017

  26. One Day Seminar on “Recent Trends in Material Research (RTMR-2017)” on 07/09/2017

  27. Two days seminar on "Machine Learning" fro 10/11/2017-11/11/2017

  28. Two Days Seminar on “Image Processing & Pattern Recognition” from 09/09/2017-10/09/2017

  29. One Day Seminar on “Sustainable Energy Supply & Energy Storage System” on 03/11/2017

  30. One Day Seminar on “Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur” by ADDCOOL Trade & Services on 11/08/2017

  31. One Day Seminar on “Starting a career in ROS robotics and machine learning” on 17/08/2017

  32. Peter F. Ducker Memorial 7th National Management Research Conference on 11/11/2017

  33. One day Workshop on “Entrepreneurship initiative” in association with IMS Siliguri on 03/03/2017

  34. Two days’ Workshop on "Microwave & Antenna Technology" in association with IEEE AP/MTT, Kolkata chapter from 31/03/2017-01/04/2017

  35. Five Days National Level Skill Building Training cum Workshop on “Brand Management” from 17/05/2017 – 21/05/2017

  36. One day Interactive session on “application of Electrical Engineering in the field of transportation (mass transit)” on 24/09/2016

  37. Three Days Workshop on “Introduction to MATLAB” from 01/09/2016 -03/09/2016

  38. Ten days summer/vocational training on “Motor Winding and Home Appliances” by NSIC, govt. of India, from 01/08/2016-12/08/2016

  39. Three days’ Workshop on “fabrication of potential transformer” by Anjali Enterprise, Kolkata from 19/12/2016-21/12/2016

  40. One day Industrial visit, IEEMA Eastern region E3 Summit on 201/11/2016

  41. One day symposium on “Banking Support for the budding Entrepreneurs” on 03/05/2017

  42. MHRD Sponsored One-week ISTE Workshop on “Introduction to Structural Engineering” (NMEICT) from 04/01/2016-09/01/2016

  43. One day seminar on “economic development and energy demand” on 05/08/2015

  44. One Day Seminar on "Recent Trends of Power Generation & Power System in India, Some Fundamental Aspects of Electrical Engineering" on 27/07/2015

  45. Peter F. Drucker Memorial 6th National Conference on “Latest Trends in Management, Economics & Social Sciences” (One Day) on 21/11/2015