Industry Advisory Board

Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

 • Introduction

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of Siliguri Institute of Technology is an invited group of top leaders from Industry, who will provide guidance to the institute on academic / research matters and strategic planning.  The Industry Advisory Board is a forum where ideas are exchanged and recommendations are made.

The industry advisory board can also be used for obtaining inputs and resources to achieve excellence in various technology programs of the institute.  In addition to the program development, the Industry Advisory Board is used for curriculum reform, generating employment prospects for future graduates, internships and applied research opportunities, establishing the need for new program, and as an external advocate to the administration.

 • The role of the Industry Advisory Board

I. Act as an advisory group to the institute on the direction and growth of the academic / research programs, curriculum development and other matters of long-term impact.

II. Act as a link between the institute and its industrial and professional partners, providing an opportunity for communication of current and future industry and professional needs.

III. Identify actions the institute should take to meet special student and industry needs.

IV. Provide recommendations on initiatives that the program should undertake to continuously improve and to meet industry needs.

V. Render advice to the institute on generation of capital funds for enhancement of infrastructure.

The IAB will meet twice in a year with gradual inclusion of powerful industry leaders and professionals.

 • Members
Senior IT professionals, Ex-DRDO Scientist and Edu-Tech Industry leader join in hand with Siliguri Institute of Technology to transform engineering education.
At Siliguri Institute of Technology, our unwavering commitment to excellence has constantly led us to explore new educational frontiers. We strive to provide our students with the finest exposure to industry practices and dynamic changes in the technological landscape. With this vision in mind, Siliguri Institute of Technology has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative by establishing an unprecedented Industry Advisory Board (IAB). This board aims to collaborate closely with our faculty and student fraternity to revolutionise engineering education.
The inaugural meeting of this illustrious Industry Advisory Board took place at the Siliguri Institute of Technology, Siliguri campus on February 02, 2024. It was a platform for productive interactions among faculty members, students, and leading experts. These engagements facilitated structured and focused group discussions, integral to reshaping SIT's engineering curriculum to align it with industry demands. Leading industry professional from different sectors demonstrated their state-of-the-art products and how students & faculty should develop knowledge to be part of the technological revolutions happening around the world.
The deliberation revolved around crucial themes and discussions, encompassing emerging industry trends, potential collaboration areas, universities' pivotal role in meeting industry expectations, strategies for addressing talent shortages, and the roadmap for the future.
This convergence of technological titans and academic stalwarts signifies a transformative moment in engineering education. It underscores our steadfast dedication to producing industry-ready graduates poised to drive innovation and contribute substantially to India's thriving technology landscape.
SN Name Designation Organization
1. Mr. Diptiman Dasgupta Executive IT Architect and Associate Director IBM
2. Mr. Rajib Goon Software Architect Co-founder of RG Technologies and head of Celebal Technologies, Jalpaiguri (Regional office in Eastern India), GB member of Jalpaiguri Govt. Engg. College and owner of Edureka Learning center, Jalpaiguri
3. Dr. V.G. Borkar Technical Advisor ICOMM Tele Ltd., Hyderabad, Retired Scientist ‘G’DRDO Hyderabad
4. Dr. Deependra Kumar Jha Chief Academic Officer Larsen & Toubro Edutech