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Siliguri Institute of Technology


 • Introduction

In 1994, University Grant Commission (UGC) established the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in Bengaluru to address concerns about the quality and relevance of higher education in India. In addition to its General Council (GC), NAAC has an Executive Council (EC) that is comprised of senior academicians, policymakers, and educators from across the Indian higher education sector.  The President of the NAAC GC is the Chairperson of the UGC. A renowned academician is appointed as EC Chairperson by the GC President (NAAC). The Director of NAAC is the academic and administrative head of the association, as well as member secretary of both the General Council (GC) and Executive Council (EC).

An institution's "Quality Status" is primarily determined through assessment and accreditation. Higher Education Institutions (HEI) receive accreditation scores when they meet the NAAC quality standards for institutes, colleges and universities.

Institutions are graded for each Key Aspect under four categories, viz. A, B, C and D denote Very good, Good, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory levels respectively. With the appropriate weightage applied to each Key Aspect under a Criteria, the summated score and the GPA are also calculated. Final Assessment Outcomes are calculated using the Cumulative GPA (CGPA).

 • Members List

Prof. (Dr.) Mithun Chakraborty, Principal, Siliguri Institute of Technology

NAAC Coordinator
Mr. Mithun Roy, Assistant Professor, CSE, SIT
Joint Convenor
Dr. Banani Adhikari (Das), Assoc. Prof., DESH, SIT
Mr. Jayanta Bhusan Basu, Asst. Prof, EE, SIT
Criteria Heads
Criteria I
Dr. Shuvendu Dey, Assistant Professor, MBA and
Ms. Santana Guha, Assistant Professor, MBA DeDartment
Criteria II
Mr. Mithun Roy, Assistant Professor, CSE Department and
Mr. Sujit Chatteriee, Assistant Manaser-HR and Admin
Criteria III
Dr. Jayanta Dutta, Assistant Professor,DESH and
Mr. Soumendu Golui, Assistant Professor. DESH
Criteria IV
Mr. Pinaki Sarkar, Librarian,
Mr. Plabon Roy, Senior Manager- Projects,
Mr. Deb Sekhar Laha, Assistant Professor, CSE and System Administrator
Criteria V
Mr. Sudeep Das, Training and Placement Officer,
Mr. Koushik Chakraborty, Senior Executive, Admin and College Affairs
Criteria VI
Mr. Mitul Ranjan Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, EE Department and
Mr. Kallol Dutta, Senior Executives Accounts
Criteria VII
Dr. Debajyoti Misr4 Assistant Professor. ECE and
Mr. Sanjit Jha, Senior Office Assistant
 • Roles and Responsibilities
  1. To facilitate the NAAC OBE process across the organization and facilitate necessary infrastructure and augmentation of the facility for effective implementation of OBE.
  2. To spearhead the accreditation process as per NAAC guidelines.
  3. To create awareness of outcome-based education among the faculty and the students as per NAAC guidelines.
  4. To review and prepare the SAR during the course of accreditation.
  5. To add and adopt best practices as and when stipulated by the NAAC.
  6. To oversee the implementation of the OBE process and regular SSR preparation.

 • NAAC Calendar

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Data Validation And Verification (DVV) Clarifications
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Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) Siliguri Institutue of Technology
NAAC Calendar (AY 2022-23)