Developer Students Club
DSC is a Google Developers program for university students, designed to help them build their mobile and web development skills and knowledge.
Developer Student Club (DSC) is a community group for students from any academic background in their undergraduate or graduate term. By joining a DSC, students will be able to build their professional and personal network, get access to Google developer resources, and work together to build solutions for local problems in a peer-to-peer learning environment.
DSC was launched in 2017 as a pilot in India to help solve the challenges university graduates face securing employment in the tech industry.
In today’s fast-growing world, technology is changing every second. It is almost impossible to stay upgraded about the technical advancements coping with the university curriculum. This is where DSC can come to rescue. DSC aims to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge for student developers. It opts to provide students with the resources, opportunities and, experience necessary to be industry ready, all while still pursuing their degrees.
Below, it is listed down the benefits; developers will be getting by joining a DSC:
  • This club will help students grow as developers.
  • It will give them access to Google technology and platforms at no cost. The cost of a good online course is hefty and not everyone can afford it .So, by joining a DSC, students can get access to newer technology free of cost.
  • You cannot be a good developer if you cannot solve real-world problems. DSC aims to solving real-world problems using the knowledge being shared in the sessions. The entire DSC team aims to building prototypes and bringing solutions to local as well as global problems (DSC Solution Challenge).
  • Through in-person meet-ups, university students are empowered to learn together and use technology for the betterment of the society.
  • Students will also develop their public speaking skills and leadership skills by participating in the sessions.
  • Developer Students Club will not only focus on Students but also on each and every member of the society. Now, every company has their own Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Policy.DSC thrives to train people from different background of the society about the basics of technology like how to use e-mail, Whatsapp, Google Duo, Google Maps,  Youtube and Google Search. With this, they will be able to use Mobile and Internet to complete their daily tasks.
In a nutshell, Developer Students Club focuses on bringing the best out of students who are always eager to learn something new and make them ready for today’s industry. We, as engineers, have a responsibility towards the development of the society. Being a member of DSC, one gets the guidance to fulfil their dreams of a better tomorrow.
Current Hierarchy
Developer Students Club opts to shape student developers for a better future. It will be open to any student, ranging from novice developers who are just starting, to advanced developers who want to further their skills. It is intended to be a space for students to learn and collaborate as they solve problems.