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Message from Director, SIT on 24.03.2020 for COVID-19

Dear Students,

In the present changed circumstances due to outbreak of pandemic Corona Virus, I hope all of you are safe at your home along with your parents, siblings and relatives. We will keep you updated about the present lockdown status of our college from time to time as and when it requires.

But I would honestly and religiously hope that you would not waste this time in an idle manner. Being a budding professional, hope all of you be prudent enough to utilize this time effectively so that you are not pushed back professionally in your career.

Our teachers have been trying honestly and religiously their best to keep continuation of the academics as per routine through the usage of different remote technologies so that you remain at par professionally.

If you further require any explanation about any topic, you may contact your respective teacher over whatsApp/ zoom or any other video calling media and if you can’t for any reason then text your teacher to call you back. Your teacher is always there to help you out.

Please take these remote classes seriously in order to keep yourself abreast of the subject topics.

Since there is no better alternative to class room teaching, we may be required to change our routine timing to accommodate extended hours when we will be able to overcome the present situation and resume classes.

Hence I would request all of you to prepare your mind to cooperate by attending regular classes as per changed routine in the normal situation when college will reopen.

Wish all of you along with your families all the best in the present hard time.

Thanking you.

Dr. Pradosh Kr. Adhvaryyu
SIT group of Colleges.

Tuesday, 24th March 2020