Alumni Relations Wing


  • To foster and strengthen the bond between the institute and its alumni.
  • To involve and engage the alumni network for overall improvement of the institute.
  • Involving alumni in various social activities to uphold and spread the image of the institute.
  • To bridge the gap between industry and academia involving the stakeholders.

 Committee Members:

 Chief Coordinator: Ms. Sarmistha Mondal, Asst. Prof., ECE Department

 Joint Coordinators: Mr. Subhajit Roy, Asst. Prof., EE Department

                                   Mr. Sudeep Das, Officer T & P

 Departmental Member List:

SL No. Name E-mail ID Contact No.
1 Mr. Pralay Roy, Asst. Prof., EE pralay.ee.sit@gmail.com 9832324040
2 Ms. Dia Ghosh, Asst. Prof., ECE dia.slg42@gmail.com 9531559030
3 Mr. Rajen Koley, Asst. Prof., CE rajenkoley@yahoo.co.in 9088145885
4 Ms. Sutapa Bhattacharya, Asst. Prof., CSE sutapa2007@gmail.com 9474764215
5 Ms. Sathi Ball, Asst. Prof., IT sathiball@gmail.com 9433229324
6 Mr. Shomnath Dutta, Asst. Prof., MBA shomnath76@gmail.com 9830105958
7 Mr. Rohit Kr. Roy, Asst. Prof., BHHA rohitkumarroy.siliguri@gmail.corn 906455t489
8 Ms. Debjani Mukherjee, Asst. Prof., BBA-HM debjanimukherjee32@gmail.com 7908372995
9 Mr. Sukanti Kishore Bhattacharya, Asst. Profl., MCA sukanti.kishore@gmail.com 9434889859
10 Ms. Antara Parai, Asst, Pro[., BCA antara.parai@gmail.com 9830520230
11 Ms. Paramita Choudhury, Asst. Prof., BBA pchoudhury10@gmail.com 9474516443
12 Mr. Govind Baibhaw, Asst. Prol., HMCT govind.baibhaw@qmail.com 9093101520