Objective of the Clubs

‘UTKARSH’ works on the principle of co-existence of Machines and Humans developing automated prototypes to make the world a safer and more sustainable place.


Faculty Mentor Name of the Clubs

Prof. Jayanta Bhusan Basu


Mail Id:



Student Registration Form to join in the Club



Inauguration date of the Clubs

07.03.2022 by HOD, EE


Initial 1-month target projects of the Clubs



Location (Physical) of the Clubs

Faculty Room-02


Project Under taken by 2nd Year:

  1. Bidirectional visitor counter.
  2. Railway track fault detection.


Project Under taken by 3rd Year:

  1. Electric vehicle charging station integrated with renewable energy sources.


Status of membership:

17 (On going)


Details of the Incorporation of the activity in the time table

4th / 2nd-Monday-3-4.40 Pm
6th / 3rd- Friday- 2.10- 4.40pm
8th / 4th- Thursday- 2.10-4.40pm


Club outcome Even Sem 2023

Utkarsh Club outcome Even Sem 2023